Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year

Several important matters are on my mind as I write this morning.  In two days, 2011 will be here.  This time of year is always significant to me because it is a time of reflection back on the events of this past year and also anticipation and planning for this next year.  For New Life, there are several steps before us about which I am really excited.

1. Season of Prayer and Fasting.  We will begin 21 days of prayer and fasting on New Year's Day.  By way of explanation, this is what has been called a "Daniel Fast."  In the Bible (Daniel chapter 10), Daniel spent three weeks fasting from certain perselected food or drink items.  This has also been called a partial fast.  The Primary Objective of This Fast will be:  OUTREACH and ONE MIND (I'll be sharing more about these)

2.  Wednesday Evening Prayer.  Each week, beginning Wed. Jan. 5, I will be leading a prayer time in our Worship Center from 5:30-6pm.  We will be organized to pray specifically for the important events and issues of that week.  I could best describe this as both shotgun and rifle.  We will certainly be addressing the broad pattern (shotgun) of diverse need, but will also be aiming at the specific Spirit-directed bull's eye (rifle) that needs to be touched.

3.  Prayer Walk.  On Saturday, Jan. 8, at 10am, we are going to do together our first prayer walk of 2011.  It will be on our church property.  Will will walk through our entire building together praying over the various ministries that take place.  Then we will go to the four corners of our 10 acre property.  Just as Abraham did in Gen. 13:17, we will pray over and re-dedicate our property.

4. One Year Bible.  I am asking everyone to make a commitment to read through the entire Bible in 2011.  You may have your own plan to accomplish this, but one of the best I know is the One Year Bible.  We will have an insert in our bulletin each week to let you know the readings for that week.  We will also post it on our website.  You can also download the You Version ap on our computer or iphone.  In that ap, the daily readings are listed too.  (I will be using this blog to also help make this a meaningful little journey)

These are just a few of the things that excite me when I think about 2011.  Tomorrow I'll share some reflections on this past year.  As I consider 2011, I ask God to take us to new levels.  We have so many fantastic opportunities.  May we sieze the day!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well, I've finally done it.  I have now enterred the blogospere.  I am truly excited and encouraged by the possibilities available via this medium.  It is my sincere desire that real help and benefit will be forthcoming.  So here we go!