Friday, August 15, 2014

"The Moral Revolutionaries are Coming for Your Children"

That's the last line in Dr. Al Mohler's** Briefing on Tuesday of this week (Aug. 12).  He describes activities in the Fremont, California Unified School District with respect to a high school textbook entitled Your Health Today.  You can buy a copy of this book for yourself for a mere $120.30 on Amazon.  An LA Times article reports that the book  "would expose teens to topics on sexual fantasies, sex games, as well as themes that include ropes, handcuffs, sex toys and vibrators."  And that's just the start in describing the book's sexual agenda. 

Some might discount Dr. Mohler's words as paranoid -- an over-reaction.  But we need to look closer. We MUST look closer.

It is far too easy for us to relegate such a story to the Wild West of run-away California liberalism.  "Let them go to Hell in a handbasket.  They're crazy anyway.  We will never be like THAT!"  But hold on a minute.

Look at the growing trends that assault our children and grand-children on a daily basis.  There is the unbelievable success of E.L. James' novel Fifty Shades of Grey and its two sequels. They have sold 100 million copies!!  The topics, according to Wikipedia : "It is notable for its explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism." This is pornography.

Now, a movie based on the book is coming in 2015.

We can point to such popular TV sitcoms as "Will and Grace", "Modern Family", "The New Normal", "Glee" ... the list goes on.  These evangelistically promote a change from traditional morality.

Just talk to any Youth Pastor today.  They are met weekly with an environment shocking to my 50's, 60's, 70's upbringing.


Run for the Hills! -- Circle the Wagons!

The reaction to this can often be RETREAT.  If the moral revolutionaries are coming for our children, then let's protect them by removing them from the line of fire.

As a first reaction, this makes sense.  Therefore, the rise of home schooling is an enormous phenomenon in our day.  I applaud those parents who feel they can make this commitment.  But, is this the total answer?  I am sure it is not.  Well-meaning parents can shield their children for a while, but eventually they will integrate into the larger culture.  That will be a crucial moment.

Watch What They Watch

There are numerous defensive steps parents can take.  Filtering internet access using such services as Covenant Eyes is important.

The movies our kids view have profound effect on them.  Resources such as Movie Guide can help us check out movie content from a Christian perspective.

Various apps help parents monitor their kids' cell phone usage.  Texting can lead to sexting and who knows what else.  For parents, it can seem like fighting an enormous monster.


But, it is not enough to bolt your doors and hide in the dark.  We cannot run away to a mountain cabin. We cannot forever be on the defensive. We must ACT.

The "Secret" Weapon: Dads and Moms

On an individual level, nothing takes the place of parents who care and are engaged with their kids. There are so many wonderful resources to help parents raise their children in safety and sanctity.  All one needs do is go to such storehouses as Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, or the American Family Association to name a few.

Churches That Make a Difference

It is time for churches to become resource bases in the battle for our kids.  It is time to do the research, find the answers, form the army, and train the troops.  We can no longer "whistle in the graveyard." Every church must have effective Equipping Classes to inform, inspire, and empower every family to win this war.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

In Fremont, California, 2,200 parents rose up and said NO to the pornographic assault being played out in their schools.  As a result, the Superintendent and School Board agreed to "temporarily shelve the book."  They have only placed it on hold.  That means, after knowing the content of this text, the administrators still want it in the students' hands.  The moral revolutionaries are coming.

In Every Place

In every locality, Christians must speak up and hold school boards accountable.  In every city and town, churches must be transformed from being country clubs for leisure living, and become equipping centers for winning a war.  Every Christian father and mother, grandfather and grandmother must be loving enough, brave enough, and devoted enough to walk with their children through the tempting days ahead.  Loud voices are talking to them.

The moral revolutionaries have a vision for our kids.   They will not quit.  It is time for a fresh wind from God to blow on every family and every church.  As a result our schools and our culture can be redeemed.  That is our vision.  And we are coming to say and to pray, "Thy kingdom come!  Thy will be done ... on earth as it is in heaven."

** Dr. Albert Mohler is one of the most intelligent and informative voices speaking today.  He is the President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and the author of numerous books including The Conviction to Lead and Culture Shift.  Follow the link to access his daily Briefing.

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